Apply Hierarchy by Schedule

Since, we understand that our customers are busy people, we developed a new feature for the Smart Issue Templates that will reduce the time you have to spend on Jira Issues. Now, you can apply an entire Hierarchy of the repeated issues on a preconfigured schedule.

To use this feature you need to click on the Templates tab in your Jira instance and in the dropdown menu proceed to the “Manage Hierarchies” option.

How to select the Hierarchy I need?

In the opened up screen you just need to choose an existing Hierarchy of yours that you want to be applied on the schedule. Select a Hierarchy by clicking on its name and then hit the “Add Schedule” button which is located right in the center of the screen.

After the “Add Scheduler” button is clicked, the “Add Scheduler” window will pop up. In this window you will have to set the configurations based on which the future issues will be created. 

How to set up a Scheduler?

In this window you need fill in the following fields:

  • Name - this is just name of the scheduler which has to be unique

  • Hierarchy - this is a dropdown menu where you should choose the Hierarchy that you want to create a Scheduler for. By default there will be a Hierarchy that you have chosen on the previous screen. We made it possible to switch Hierarchies from this window in case you changed your mind and want to create a Scheduler for a different Hierarchy.

  • Schedule (CRON) - Here you have to set up the schedule you want the Scheduler to follow when creating new Hierarchies. As you can see on the picture above, there is a set of buttons:

    • Hourly

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Yearly

Names of each of the buttons are pretty much self explanatory. With these buttons you can choose an interval which with the Scheduler will be creating new Hierarchies. In case if there is no convenient option, you can create your own schedule with the help of a set of fields just below these buttons.

Note, that if you need any help with understanding what the CRON is, feel free to hit the question mark button on the right side of the time fields. Also, if you need a Hierarchy to be created on schedule but only once, you can click on the “Execute Once” checkbox, and the Scheduler will be removed once it is used.

When you are all done with setting up the Scheduler, you can click on the “Add” button in the lower right corner of the “Add Scheduler” window and this action will automatically close this window.

How to disable my Scheduler?

As soon as the window gets closed you will see your newly created Scheduler in the list of all Schedulers. There you will be able to get all the information that the Scheduler contains as well as an access to the “Is Active” control button. You can toggle on and off the chosen Scheduler whenever you want.

Also, In case if the Scheduler has never been used or is not going to be used, you will be able to see that with a help of “Never” notification in the appropriate columns of the table.

How to delete a Scheduler?

If you are willing to get rid of a specific Scheduler once and forever, you can do it by clicking on the trashcan icon, which is located in the very right corner of the Scheduler window.

Scheduler permissions and how to configurate them?

If you are admin and you want to configure permissions for the scheduler you need to navigate to addon permissions configuration.


Then you need go to Hierarchy Permissions and you will see Setup Scheduler.