Weekly Project Review Process

Who can use this Hierarchy?

This hierarchy is designed to support project management across various sectors


Project Managers

IT Directors





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Description of the Hierarchy

This document introduces a structured framework designed to optimize the weekly project review process, leveraging Smart Issue Templates for Jira (SITC). This setup aims to enhance efficiency and coordination across multiple teams within an organization.

Main Components and Workflow:

The workflow is structured into tasks and sub-tasks across different project categories, each assigned to the relevant team lead or manager, utilizing variable fields like “$today” for dynamic date input and “$Assignee” for auto-assigning tasks to designated individuals.

Application Across Projects:

This framework is applied across a range of projects—each focusing on specific aspects of the weekly review process. This structured and systematic approach promotes clear communication and collaboration across teams.

Outcome and Benefits:

Implementing this hierarchy for weekly project reviews transforms the approach to project management. By defining clear roles, automating repetitive tasks, and ensuring thorough documentation and communication, organizations can enhance productivity, maintain high-quality standards, and ensure timely project progress.

Hierarchy Structure

Download and Import the Hierarchy

Download the file below, go the manage hierarchies screen, and click import to use the hierarchy.