API configuration

To enable the ability to use API:

  1. Open SITC Settings and click Enable API Access


  1. Click on the ‘API Access Configuration’ button

On this dialog, you can find ‘WebTrigger URL’, and create a token, for which you can select the scope (apply template, apply hierarchy, create scheduler, or all scopes for one token) and select the expiration time for the token.

  1. Create a token: choose name, scope, and expiration

  1. Copy token and now you can use API for SITC.

Specific actions that can be performed using the API

With API you can automate your process for Applying the Templates and Hierarchies, Creating and Editing the Schedulers for the Hierarchy. For this, you can use Jira Automation or Postman.

To create a rule for Jira Automation:

  1. Open the Jira project for which you want to create a rule and click on the ‘Automation’ section (Jira Project >> Project Settings >> Automation)

  2. Click the ‘Create Rule’ button.

  3. Enter in the ‘Search trigger’ field - Scheduled and select this trigger.

  4. Select the time when this rule will applied.

  5. Click the ‘Next’ button.

  6. Select the component - 'Then'

  7. Enter the ‘web’ in the ‘Start typing to filter actions’ field and select the Send web request action.

  8. Cope the ‘Web request URL’ from the ‘API Access Configuration’ dialog on the SITC Setting page and past for this ‘Send web request’ dialog

  9. HTTP method - will be POST

  10. Select the ‘custom data’ for the ‘Web request body’ field

  11. In the ‘Custom data’ field paste the body for the request. (examples of body requests - )

  12. Enter in the ‘Headers (optional)’ section for Key field - authorization, and for

    Value enter the - Bearer *(bearer token which you created ‘API Access Configuration’ dialog on the SITC Setting page)

  13. Click the ‘Next’ button

  14. Click the ‘Turn on rule' button

Now the rule for applying the Template is created and turned on.

You can create the ruled for another actions (Applying Hierarchies, Creatin and Editing Schedulers) by this same way