Hierarchies allow users to create a set of related issues (i.e. Sub-tasks and Stories) in a matter of a few clicks.



Hierarchies support all the available issue types and almost all custom fields (more about supportive fields on the https://appsdelivered.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SITFJC/pages/1851097089 page )


Before creating your first Hierarchy we suggest making yourself familiar with the key terms below.


Hierarchy - a set of related Nodes

Node - a blueprint of an issue. It’s the main building block in the Hierarchy.

There’s a total of 3 Node types:

  • Child Node - a Node that is created under another Node (typically Sub-tasks or Stories under an Epic).

  • Parent Node - a Node that contains one or more associated Child Nodes

  • Root Node - a Node that doesn’t have any associated Parent Node