Introduction to Await Cortex

Meet the Await Cortex, an innovative enterprise platform transforming how businesses interact with their data. Await Cortex empowers your organization by harnessing our advanced AI Model, tailored to learn from your unique mix of internal and external data sources and become your enterprise's digital brain. It's adept at processing diverse file types, efficiently converting unstructured data into neatly organized, actionable information.

This guide will help you to master all of our AI features, providing you with the knowledge and tools, to ensure you can efficiently leverage the platform to enhance your business workflow.


Console page is the place where you interact with the AI. It has interface of the simple chat where you can create new chats and send messages.

Knowledge bases page is your enterprise storage and library. Here you will be able to turn any piece of information (website, documentation, code, spreadsheet etc) into a digital knowledge which AI bot can learn and generate responses based on this information.

The Agents feature is a tool that allows users to create and manage AI-driven chatbots that can be embedded on websites to interact with visitors using the knowledge bases configured within the platform.

Settings page will help you to manage your personal and organization's profiles, keep an eye on the token consumption and purchase the subscriptions.

Every feature within the Await Cortex application requires the internal digital currency. This guide will help you to understand how the Credits system works.

Explaining how to manage subscription plans, handle credit purchases for accessing various features, and facilitate payment processing within the application.