Sprint Review Process

Who can use this Hierarchy?

This hierarchy is designed to support agile teams in the software development sector, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Sprint Review meetings.


Product Owners

Scrum Masters



Stakeholders (as needed)


Product Management

Software Development

Quality Assurance



Software Development




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Description of the Hierarchy

This document outlines a structured approach to conducting Sprint Review meetings, utilizing Smart Issue Templates for Cloud (SITC) to automate and streamline the process. The objective is to improve the preparation, execution, and follow-up of Sprint Reviews, ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively, with clear roles and responsibilities for each team member.

Main Components and Workflow:

The Sprint Review Meeting Process is divided into specific tasks and sub-tasks, each assigned to the relevant role. The workflow encompasses several categories, including preparation for the Sprint Review, review of sprint work, feedback gathering, planning for the next sprint, retrospective and improvement planning, and communications.

Application Across an Organization:

This structured process is designed to engage multiple departments effectively:

  • Product Management: Sets the direction for the sprint and provides feedback on the product increment.

  • Software Development and Quality Assurance: Demonstrates the completed work, participates in feedback collection, and contributes to planning the next sprint.

  • Scrum Masters: Facilitate the meeting, ensure all preparatory tasks are completed, and lead the retrospective and improvement planning.

Outcome and Benefits:

Utilizing the Sprint Review Meeting Process template significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of Sprint Reviews. It ensures that all necessary preparations are made, that the meeting focuses on valuable discussions, and that actionable feedback is collected and implemented. This approach leads to more productive sprints, clearer communication among team members, and a more agile, responsive development process.

Hierarchy Structure

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