Project Creation Process

Who can use this Hierarchy?

This hierarchy is created to assist teams and organizations within the project management ecosystem to establish a new project in Jira with precision and ease.


Project Managers

Jira Administrators

Development Team Leads

QA Team Leads


Project Management Office (PMO)

Information Technology

Software Development

Quality Assurance


Information Technology Services

Software Development

SaaS Providers

Business Management

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Description of the Hierarchy

Our documentation introduces a systematic method for creating new projects within Jira, streamlined through Smart Issue Templates for Cloud (SITC). This process is specifically crafted to cover every aspect of project creation, from initial planning to team onboarding.

Main Components and Workflow:

The Project Creation Process is divided into well-defined tasks and sub-tasks, systematically categorized into three major phases for organizational clarity:

  1. Project Initialization: Outlining the project’s foundation, including scope and objectives.

  2. Project Configuration: Establishing the necessary settings in Jira to reflect the project's operational framework.

  3. Team Onboarding and Workflow Establishment: Ensuring the team is proficient with the Jira setup and workflows are clearly defined for execution.

Application Across an Organization:

The detailed steps of this hierarchy involve several departments, ensuring a collaborative effort in:

  • Project Management Office (PMO): Laying out the project framework and ensuring all planning aspects are covered.

  • Information Technology: Setting up and customizing the Jira environment to suit the project's unique needs.

  • Software Development and Quality Assurance: Preparing the teams for project execution with clear workflows and communication channels.

Outcome and Benefits:

By implementing this Project Creation Process template, organizations can expect:

  • A standardized approach to project setup in Jira.

  • Reduced time-to-market due to efficient project initiation.

  • Enhanced collaboration and understanding across departments.

  • A clear assignment of roles and responsibilities.

Hierarchy Structure

Download and Import the Hierarchy

Download the file below, go the manage hierarchies screen, and click import to use the hierarchy.