Epic Selection Process

Who can use this Hierarchy?

This hierarchy is specifically designed to support teams and organizations in the project management and product development sectors, aiming to streamline the Epic Selection Process.


Strategy Analysts

Project Managers

Risk Managers

Business Analysts

Product Owners


Strategic Planning

Project Management

Product Development

Quality Assurance

Risk Management


Project Management

Product Development



Business Management

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Description of the Hierarchy

This document delineates a comprehensive approach to selecting epics, leveraging Smart Issue Templates for Cloud (SITC) to automate and refine the selection process. The goal is to ensure a strategic, efficient, and effective method for evaluating, planning, and initiating epics, with distinct roles and responsibilities assigned to each task within the process.

Main Components and Workflow:

The Epic Selection Process is segmented into precise tasks and sub-tasks, each earmarked for a specific role. The workflow includes various critical stages such as initial feasibility and alignment evaluation, detailed requirement gathering, in-depth planning and resource allocation, and obtaining final approval before kick-off.

Application Across an Organization:

This structured process is engineered to efficiently involve several departments:

  • Strategic Planning: Guides the initial assessment to ensure the epic aligns with organizational goals.

  • Project Management and Product Development: Spearhead the planning, requirements gathering, and execution phases.

  • Quality Assurance: Ensures the epic meets predefined success metrics and quality standards.

  • Risk Management: Identifies and documents potential risks in the early stages of the process.

Outcome and Benefits:

Implementing the Epic Selection Process hierarchy through SITC dramatically improves the precision and efficiency of selecting epics. It guarantees thorough assessment, clear definition of requirements, meticulous planning, and smooth kick-off, leading to well-aligned, feasible, and strategically planned epics. This methodology fosters improved coordination across teams, clearer communication, and a more structured, outcome-focused approach to project initiation.

Hierarchy Structure

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