Sprint Capacity Planning Process

Who can use this Hierarchy?

This process is crucial for agile teams that utilize Jira for sprint planning and execution, ensuring efficient resource management and workload distribution.


Scrum Master

Project Manager

Product Owner


Project Management

Development Team





Demonstration Video

A demonstration video is available to guide users through each step of setting up and executing the sprint capacity planning process in Jira.


Description of the Hierarchy

Main Components and Workflow:

  • Assess Team Availability and Capacity: Collect and review availability data along with historical performance metrics to forecast capacity for the upcoming sprint.

  • Estimate Sprint Workload: Prioritize and estimate the effort required for tasks, ensuring all team members contribute to a realistic workload assessment.

  • Match Capacity with Workload: Align the team’s capacity with the planned workload, making adjustments to the sprint plan as necessary.

  • Communicate and Adjust: Share the sprint plan with the team and stakeholders, and remain flexible to make adjustments based on feedback or changes in team capacity.

Application Across an Organization:

Implementing this process helps teams manage resources efficiently, setting realistic goals for sprints that reflect the team's actual capacity and project demands.

Outcome and Benefits:

Organizations adopting this structured approach can expect:

  • Improved Resource Utilization: Ensures optimal use of team capacity, avoiding overburden or underutilization.

  • Enhanced Project Outcomes: Aligns project tasks with available resources, increasing the likelihood of meeting project timelines and objectives.

  • Increased Team Satisfaction: Balances workloads to prevent burnout, improving overall team morale and productivity.

Hierarchy Structure

Download and Import the Hierarchy

Download the file below, go the manage hierarchies screen, and click import to use the hierarchy.